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I figured they'd give it a big play, but I'm surprised at how giddy the kids at the Merc are over the start of recall signature collection against Portland's mayor, Dud Wheeler. Their slightly breathless story is here.

I see from said story that the hotheads who wanted to recall city commissioner Dan Ryan along with Wheeler have realized that piling on in that way would only hurt their effort to unseat the mayor. "Oh yeah? We'll recall you too! Recall everybody we don't like!" was not a good pitch.

Whatever. Unless and until a better candidate appears, I wouldn't sign a petition to recall Wheeler, no matter how incompetent he's been. The people with the petitions are all people who urged Portland to vote against him just eight months ago. Portland said no to their proposition then, and they ought to say the same thing now.

For heaven's sake, we should put this delusional political career to bed once and for all. And you can bet that that, or something like it, is what we're likely to get if the recall thing succeeds.

I do give the recall people some respect, however, in that every hour they spend on this is one less hour they have to devote to destroying Portland in other ways. Let them spiel all they want. But don't sign.


  1. I'm sure Sammy boy would be willing to step in. Which would be another disaster.


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