Does not play well with others

Portland mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone has appointed herself as the campaign finance cop. 

She's in court forcing the city auditor to bust Mayor F. Ted Wheeler's chops for lending money to his re-election campaign, even though the auditor says taking any action against Ted on that would violate the U.S. Constitution. Yesterday a county judge ruled that the auditor has to investigate the loans, despite the constitutional concerns. (So much for the auditor's oath of office, I guess.)

And now Iannarone's reportedly threatening to boycott a debate because write-in candidate Teressa Raiford is also scheduled to appear. Raiford isn't a formally declared candidate, and if she were, she'd have to comply with the city's campaign finance system. 

Iannarone says that she's afraid that if she participated in a debate that included Raiford, that would somehow be a campaign finance violation on Iannarone's part. Say what? Or something – it's all a little obscure. But the pattern of combativeness isn't.

All of this weaponizing of the campaign finance rules doesn't inspire confidence in Iannarone. She looks like somebody who could be hard to work with. And she's going to leapfrog over all the other politicians in the city and be the mayor? If our fair Portlandia votes her in, years of drama seem likely to ensue.


  1. Lots of source material for this blog if that happens!

  2. Once AGAIN, taxpayers/citizens have two lousy choices for an important job because competent, honest people would never run for that office.

  3. Iannarone is so awful she makes Wheeler look good.


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