Four years for Riot Fabio

Here's a surprise: One of the rioters from Breonna Taylor Night last September has pleaded guilty to arson, assault, and other charges, and been sentenced to four years in prison. His name is Cyan Bass, and he's 22 years old.

The incident took place back when the county district attorney, Mike Schmidt, was still in his sometimes-there-may-have-to-be-some-property-damage-if-you-want-social-change phase. Schmidt initially let the guy go, but the Trumpy U.S. attorney, Billy Bob Williams, charged Bass federally. After Schmidt got a look at his own poll numbers, he changed his tune and went for the fellow's scalp. Thus, Schmidt improved his lifetime batting average to .039.

The riots have died down now in Portland. I think the bloc-heads are afraid of being hit by stray bullets from the gang warriors. Or maybe they're smart enough to realize that several years in the slammer is no way to spend your early 20's.

Let's hope Bass spends some quality time in the prison yard with this dude.