"Anything can happen. We like it this way."

Here's a story that the Oregonian has buried, but it really should be right up there with the most important news of the day. An out-of-towner who took the advice "This is Portland, come see for yourself" wound up getting her liver lacerated in an unprovoked attack by a deranged homeless woman on a street in Old Town Monday afternoon.

She told police that she had crossed the street while on a walk to avoid a woman who was yelling on the sidewalk outside a tent, according to a probable cause affidavit....

As the hotel guest continued walking, the other woman suddenly ran after her, grabbed her by her hair from behind and threw her down, then kicked and punched her several times before stabbing her with a cuticle nail trimmer, the affidavit says.

The accused stabber is a piece of work named Tammy Marie Imholt. Here's one of her mug shots, which the O won't show you. She has quite a few.

As for the stabbing victim, she was taken to the hospital. She's the second person we get to read about in 24 hours who was seriously wounded by one of Portland's precious tent dwellers.

It's way past time for Portland to stop coddling the sickos in the tents. They need tough love. We all do.

There is no perfect solution, so let's stop waiting for one to happen. Building crappy apartments isn't going to help many of them, if any. While Deadly Deborah runs for governor and Dud Wheeler dithers, innocent people are getting seriously hurt, and the city is dying.

Any tourist who visits here these days has got to be crazy.


  1. And from the article it seems that the local “justice” system(s) failed to do anything about her when she was taken in for similiar incidents in the recent past. Anything can happen is right. Maybe it’s time for a new slogan? Maybe the new slogan should be “Experience Portland, Warts and All. Come for the doughnuts, Stay for the Hospitals.”

  2. They could pass out bear mace and stun guns at the airport- "Welcome to Portland"....


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