"Yes, we're desperate"

A reader sends along this full-page ad from the Seattle newspaper.

"Bring your tent and you'll get an apartment."


  1. This Is Portland

    You’ve heard a lot about us lately.
    If not for our troublemakers it would likely be the first.

    See we do things different here in Portland.
    Come see for yourself, you will leave disgusted.
    Even though we are a city of bridges and of two distinct sides.
    They are both equally unappealing. You will see.

    We are the kind of place where you can be yourself.
    Especially if you enjoy the great outdoors.
    Come see for yourself. Don’t take our word for it.
    You will see our passionate citizens playing freely.
    Breaking windows, tagging buildings, and play-fighting in the streets.
    All for you to take in. And feel free to join them if the mood strikes.

    Yes we ARE different, and quite proud of it.
    Where only the loudest voices are heard. Or those with the deepest pockets.
    Our local leaders are not your average bureaucrats either.
    They love to buck trends. You see we despise outdated ideals such as law and order.

    Portland is a place where you are truely free to do what you want to do.
    Nothing is frowned upon here. Just follow the guidelines and we will accept you.
    And don’t worry about being punished for making itsy-bitsy mistakes.
    We cherish those mistakes, and you will never pay any consequences.

    So in closing, please come and see how we are doing and say hello.
    You will be sorry that you did, and will pine to be back home.
    We are just like the long lost friend that you haven’t seen for awhile.
    The long lost friend that ripped you off, trashed your home, and then left.



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