The second time around

A year ago today, I started blogging again. Reeling from the realization of what the pandemic was about to bring, and watching the world react to the George Floyd murder, I felt the need to resume writing about what I was seeing, and not just dumping my output into the social media ocean.

The Blogger eyeball meter now reads over 475,000, which I think means that a lot of folks have been reading what I have to say. (Or at least, a lot of 'bots are crawling through here looking for who-knows-what.) Many readers have responded positively and with kindness, and for that I'm eternally grateful. Several people are constantly feeding me links and messages that get me reading and thinking. There's never a shortage of things to consider.

Writing regularly about the civic life of one's neighborhood, city, state, nation, and world can keep a person sharp and aware. There are times when I wish I were ignoring the news; it's been that bad. But on the whole, I think I'm a more fulfilled person for doing this. Thank you for being here.

Now back to the show.


  1. Happy anniversary and thank you. You surely made the pandemic more bearable for me.

  2. I read you every day. So does my husband.

  3. I am glad you're back even if in a somewhat subdued form.

  4. Congrats on the year, and thanks for giving us the benefit of your perspective on these very 'interesting' times.

  5. Congratulations your blog is the best thing I read all day, certainly better than the O or WW! Great job Jack, keep it up!👍

  6. I got addicted to your old blog back when you were making life miserable for the Sam-Rand twins. I kind of miss that.


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