So, where were we?

I stopped blogging a little over seven years ago. Before that, I had done it for close to 11 years in a row. Toward the end, I was deeply into it. Probably too much so.

Once I kicked the habit, I got down to work on the big professional writing project that had pulled me away from the blogosphere. It took a couple of years and change, but my co-author and I got it done. And the end product was pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Then another, even bigger project of the same nature came along, and again I said yes. This latest one is an ongoing assignment, but it's humming along.

Anyway, I stopped blogging, but I didn't entirely quit goofing off on the internet. Like just about everybody else in my age bracket, I got into Facebook, which has caught me up with countless faces, and voices, from my past. This has been extremely good for the soul.

And I'm hooked on Twitter, because I'll tell you, some of the funniest people on the planet sound off there day and night. I've also messed around a little with Pinterest, Instagram, and even TikTok (which my friend Jim rightly labels "the Oxycontin of the internet"), but none of those three do much for me. How many of these can you keep up with?

The closest thing I've found to blogging is Facebook. It's great that so many people are using that platform as a creative outlet. The written word! No doubt a lot of my friends and family get the same sort of kick out of writing there that I got all those years on the blog. And I've joined in, consuming and posting a lot of content on Facebook myself.  

But the experience has never come close to what the readers and I had going on the blog. I go back and look at it once in a while, and sometimes it amazes me. I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but it did.

There has to be a forum more satisfying than Facebook but less demanding than the old blog. And if I'm going to waste time on the internet every day (and that'd be a given, Bob), I might as well aim as high as I can reach. So let's give it a shot here. It will not be exactly like the old days. For one thing, it's on Blogger, which will take some getting used to. Plus, no matter what big company is hosting the thing, it's blogging, which is so 2002.  

That drawback aside, I look forward to connecting with whoever shows up here, at 

(Photo: Laura Chouette)


  1. Great to have you back! Here’s to hearing more about the tram to nowhere, updates about Stenchy, a possible resurrection of the underdog pool, comments from Bill McDonald and the annual Christmas party!

  2. You're back! Wow! Time has flown. For some reason I was scanning through my old blog (Grumpy Times) and found a post where I welcomed you back (in 2004). I don't recall why you were gone, but it was, at the time, good to have you back. And, checking your link I discovered that now you're back again. Yay! I will definitely add your (new again) blog to my reading list. As for me, I stopped blogging in 2007. Somehow the fun of it just wasn't there anymore (or I found that I needed to spend my blogging time working at more productive endeavors). Who knows, I may just start writing again.

  3. I found your blog return by accident, but happy to see your return.

    I don't agree with everything that you write about, but there's quite a few Portland things where we do.

    Oregon finally pushed me over the threshold, and we left. Life is too short, and I'm nearing sunset. Best for me to get closer to the grandkid.

    Looking forward to your future commentary. I hope your critique focuses more on Oregon, as your not likely to change much in DC or the rest of the country.


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