Strong words from the secret hidey-hole

There is nothing a Portland cop could do – literally nothing – that the union wouldn't huff and puff and defend.

Which is why there's so little support for the union boys among the public that they have to hide where their office is.

There's something really wrong with all of this. We don't let our military personnel have unions. The police in this country see themselves as a military force. Maybe their ability to unionize ought to be re-thought.

Speaking of which, what about the disgraced Portland police union president, Brian Hunzeker, who's been taken off the streets? When do we find out what he did to get himself in such major trouble? Whatever it was, it was more than three months ago.


  1. "Everybody is equal, but some are more equal than others",.........George Orwell in Animal Farm. That book is almost a blueprint of human behavior.


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