Schmidt indicts a cop

Will wonders never cease? The boy wonder Multnomah County district attorney, Mike Schmidt, just did his job, a little, by indicting a Portland cop who unnecessarily whacked a protester near the county building on Hawthorne last summer.

The charge is fourth degree assault, which is only a misdemenaor. But the cops around here never get charged with any crimes, so it's a big deal.

Readers of this blog may recall the incident in question, featuring a burly officer wearing number 37. He brutalized a female demonstrator quite beyond what was necessary. Unfortunately for him, someone filmed the whole thing.

And finally we get to see that he has a real name: Corey A. Budworth. He's been sitting at a nice, quiet desk job for a while now while his police work was "investigated."

Here he is looking a little different from when he gets his nightstick on. From what I can gather, he is around 40 years old and lives in Gladstone. He may have something to do with Parkrose High School.

Of course, the police union has to jump in with its usual hogwash. 

“We stand by our officer, truth and justice,” the Portland Police Association said in a statement.

Dudes, the camera don't lie. The truth is in the video.

As for justice, well, the right thing would be a fine and some serious discipline. But of course, the union will fight all of that, tooth and nail.

Anyway, finally, finally! Schmidt is doing something that he was elected to do. I don't know why it took 10 months, but hey, it's something. That raises his lifetime batting average from .017 to .028.