No riot squad? No problem so far.

Portland managed to get through its first weekend night without a riot squad with just some graffiti on buildings around the North Precinct on MLK. Not that graffiti is okay, but at least it isn't arson.

The crowd that showed up was pretty small, according to the eyes of the internet. The police DJ From Hell was there, as I'm sure the neighbors will attest. Alas, he hasn't resigned.

Maybe the "demonstration" was so anemic because the black bloc-heads were tuckered out from yesterday's daytime festivities down in little old Oregon City, where the Proud Boys and the Antifa types duked it out in "medieval" combat. Nobody was seriously injured beyond whatever brain injuries they were already suffering from.

Saturday night's been all right for rioting this year, and so we'll have to see how things go this evening here in Wheelerville.