Time for a diaper change

Portland's worthless police force has decided to make itself even more worthless. They're all "resigning" from riot control duty because some of them got in trouble for needlessly brutalizing people. Given how ineffective they are at crowd control, they had to make a big announcement so you'd notice.

While they're busy resigning, they ought to resign from the police force altogether, and we can start over with people who live in this city and aren't white supremacists on steroids.

But we need a real mayor and a real police chief first, and nobody good is stepping up. What a fun summer it's going to be.


  1. The mostly peaceful "protests" don't need any policing. They should be free to self-organize, err I mean self-terrorize as they see fit. If people, property, or principles are destroyed that is just the natural order of things- rule of the Jungle. Law and Order is so passé.


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