Did the tax leak come from DOJ Trumpies?

A friend of mine who knows a lot about such things has an interesting theory about who leaked the tax return information about the billionaires to ProPublica last week. As you may recall, my view is that whoever in the IRS did that, committed a federal felony and deserves a fine and some prison time.

But as my buddy points out, it might not have been an IRS employee. It might have been someone in the Justice Department, or someone who used to be there. If someone at Justice wants information from the IRS, it's not that hard for them to get it. And so it's possible that DOJ folks, under that cad Bill Barr, may have requested, and got, the information, as part of some DOJ investigation a while back. The investigation may or may not have been legitimate, of course, but Barr, a loyal Trump stooge to the end, was in charge of all of it.

My friend's theory continues: When some Trump types left the DOJ, they took some of their IRS files with them, and then leaked them.

It rings true, doesn't it? You can imagine how much secret government information Barr, Kushner, Roger Stone, Miller, and the rest of the motley crew had on their hard drives. Would you put it past those guys to hold damaging information over people's heads?

The words "Lindsey Graham" come to mind.

Anyway, right-wing talk radio is peddling the story that the tax leak must have come from the Biden IRS. An obvious suspect. But maybe not true. Remember, the Biden IRS is still being run by a Trump holdover, Chuck Rettig. Maybe the tax leaker was in fact someone from the Barr DOJ. 

Like I say, interesting theory.