Brian's gone

Brian Hunzeker, the former president of the Portland police union, is no longer riding around North Precinct on his official motorcycle, according to media reports. He's been placed on the old "paid adminstrative leave."

The "investigation" into his involvement in the Jo Ann Hardesty slander incident supposedly continues, but whatever his "serious mistake" was, it must have been confirmed as a doozy.

I'm not convinced that all cops are bastards, but the more active they get in police union matters, the more bastard-y they seem to become. This guy went from police union chief to sitting in disgrace in his backyard in Clark County, Washington in a little over six months.

He probably doesn't care. If I had to guess, he'll eventually be reinstated by an arbitrator. He'll come back well-rested and with a nice tan.

Hardesty ought to lawyer up and take him to the cleaners.