Cop union head gone in Hardesty incident

Wow, talk about burying your lead. I'm 15 paragraphs into this Oregonian story about Portland city commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty's defamation complaints when I come across this!

Deputy Chief Chris Davis said in a statement Tuesday afternoon, “We frequently participate in reviews and audits from third-parties and strive to be open and transparent in order to continuously develop and improve, and will continue to do so.”

Hours later, Brian Hunzeker, the president of the Portland Police Association, resigned after “serious, isolated mistake related to the Police Bureau’s investigation into the alleged hit-and-run by Commissioner Hardesty,” the union said in a statement.

Whoa! Do I read that as saying the head of the police union just quit over a bias incident in which he was personally involved? He's only been the union prez since the fall.

That's the real news, folks. Willy Week gets it. Their version (and it's free) is here.

UPDATE, early evening: The O now has a separate Hunzeker story up here.