Hardware update

I see that Apple is reopening its downtown Portland store. Like many other businesses, the place was looted and trashed during the downtown riots last year. Now it's been fixed up, the boards have been taken down, and it's functioning with pickup of online orders and service appointments.

I hope they bought the extended warranty. I think it's called WheelerCare.

It appears they've built some sort of fencing around the place so that the avengers of all societal wrongs haven't been able to break all the glass and trash the store again. That could be a prototype for other Portland businesses, I suppose. 'The all-new iCage."

Or maybe that fencing is temporary, and they're going to take it down soon. That would be a mistake. This is Portland. We can't have nice things. There will be no peace until the entire capitalist system is destroyed. That logo may be an apple, but that store is a target.

The mayor posted a grateful tweet yesterday. He was immediately hooted down by the self-righteous voices of the Portlandian left. "Resign, you corporate pig," etc. I hope the place stays open, but it doesn't take a clairvoyant to see a bad moon rising.