How many times can the barn burn?

Another incredible, incredible college basketball game today. The women of Stanford once again narrowly escaped defeat as their opponents, this time Arizona, failed with their final shot.

The end of the game was marred, ever so slightly, by a very bad out-of-bounds call in Stanford's favor with 2:03 left to play. Three seconds later, they would have reviewed the video and overturned it. But Arizona had the last possession, and as you can see, they didn't get off a good shot. Stanford gets the win and the crown.

We still have the men's final tomorrow, but the last few days have had enough emotional juice for a couple of entire seasons. If you're like me, you're exhausted.  Congratulations to my law school alma mater, the Tree, and that tall woman from Beaverton. And wow, congratulations also to Arizona, who equally deserved to win.

Thanks to both of them for making it an all-Pac-12 championship contest.

Every team except one loses its last game.