A bad beat

Tonight we witnessed one of the greatest games in the history of American college basketball.

Unfortunately, the bad guys won. In overtime. At the buzzer.

I screamed in horror. Louder than I have ever screamed at a televised sporting event before.

Right after taking a gut punch like this, is no time to be dissecting what led up to it.

But OMG. College basketball.

Go, Baylor. Send the headband dudes back to the chapel in Spokane.



  1. The bad guys?!?!?! Gonzaga University in Spokane is the only Jesuit university in the world named after St. Aloysius. My wife Marjorie and I when we were in Rome ten years ago visited the shrine to the saints who died young that is in the rooms where he lived and has very graphic displays with mannequins of his life. How someone educated at the leading Jesuit prep school in New Jersey can call Gonzaga the bad guys is a mystery to me. But I do understand as my Californian wife was rooting for UCLA

  2. So what's your beef with Gonzaga?


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