The resolution

It's pretty funny that on Saturday night I was in a video singing about "the light, the heat." Less than 36 hours later, I was without both.

But just a few minutes ago, the power came back on here at Blog Central. After a good day of coping, we can now go back to being the spoiled brats we always are. You flip a switch, and the light comes on. You want TV? You got it. Oh, and the microwave! Although everything tasted better without it. Toast from the gas-stove griddle was the best. Speaking of toasty, how warm would we like it tonight? Sixty-eight? Seventy? A little higher than 58, anyway.

Somewhere out there are some Pacific Power workers who got us back up and running. Mad props to that crew.

Maybe the Port of Portland could "share the prosperity" by paying to run our power lines underground, where they belong. Ha, as if.

And now I can turn off my head lamp. That thing is amazing, but it's driving the light sensor in my computer a little crazy.