Oregon's vaccine train wreck continues

It was another day of epic failure for Killer Kate and Building Permit Guy when it comes to Covid vaccinations.

Many Portland-area seniors ages 70 and older encountered a very slow-moving website and major glitches Monday as they tried unsuccessfully to schedule COVID-19 vaccination appointments at one of the area’s two mass vaccination sites.

Some elderly residents reported that it took anywhere from a few minutes to more than 30 minutes for scheduling pages to load. And that when they got to those pages and clicked on available appointment times, they were told the appointments were already taken. That meant they would have to begin the time-consuming process of reloading pages and starting the booking process again...

Tamara Hargens-Bradley, a spokeswoman for the vaccination sites, said in an email Monday afternoon that the “appointment scheduling tools did not crash this morning; however, they did slow down as they approached maximum capacity: 4,800 concurrent users each.”

Hargens-Bradley said technicians “have fixes either in place or underway to improve site stability and user experience moving forward” on days appointments are open for booking in the future.

I've got a suggestion for a "fix," and it's the same one I've been offering for weeks now: For the love of God, get someone who knows what they are doing to take this over. Stop relying on an all-purpose bureaucrat who is in way over his head.

And isn't the legislature currently in session? When are those geniuses going to step in and demand something in the general direction of competence?

At least all the prison inmates, gym teachers, and school board receptionists have been getting their shots on time. That's a relief.


  1. This shouldn't surprise anyone given the State's long storied history of IT project failures.


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