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Amidst all the griping about Oregon's inept Covid vaccine rollout, a reader pointed out to me an aspect of the problem I hadn't considered before. Even if an elderly person can get an appointment for the shot (which granted, is unlikely at the moment), they may have trouble getting safe transportation to the location of the vaccine clinic at the appointed time. The reader suggests that there are some elderly folks who aren't even playing the vaccine lottery because they figure they can't get to the vaccination site, even if they snag a scarce appointment.

Now, this isn't a Covid-unique problem. Transportation to medical care is an ongoing issue for many seniors, and there are some solutions out there, if you live in town. But what if you're way out in the woods somewhere?

Do you know anyone in that boat? Do I? Is there some way we average Joes and Janes can help them?


  1. Ride Connection
    Today and every day, Ride Connection provides transportation options to individuals in need. From older adults to people with disabilities to low-income individuals and underserved communities, we are able to provide essential transportation services thanks to the work and support of our staff, volunteers, partners donors and advocates. Our services bring together friends and family, prevent social isolation, alleviate financial stress and create new connections that strengthen our community. Ride Connection remains committed to providing inclusive transportation options for all individuals in need in the tri-county area.


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