They can't be serious

The people running the Oregon Covid vaccine fiasco have gone from incompetent to absolutely delusional. I can't believe I just read this:

Hundreds if not several thousand Oregonians will have upcoming vaccination appointments at the Oregon Convention Center canceled and rescheduled, hospital officials announced Wednesday, so the vaccination site can move to a larger and more accessible location within the sprawling complex.

Appointments scheduled for Sunday and Monday will be canceled and rescheduled.

Vaccinations will resume Tuesday in the center’s Exhibit Hall, which is located next to the entrance from the parking garage and makes for a shorter walk. Organizers of the clinic, which had been housed in the center’s Oregon Ballroom, said the new location will allow them to better meet the needs of special populations, including elderly residents.

I'm speechless. 

There really is no sense talking about the particulars here. Patrick Allen, the head of the Oregon Health Authority, needs to resign.


And Killer Kate owes everyone an apology. A big one.