Still busy in Salem

The hits just keep on coming.

Today they're reporting a total of 44,415 Covid vaccine doses administered statewide, out of 190,500 received. That's 23.31 percent. In other words, more than three out of every four doses received are still sitting around somewhere.

They had nine months to get ready for this.

Meanwhile, the testing data show Marion County, in which Salem is located, to be in bad shape, with a recent positivity rate of 13 percent. Crazy.


  1. But Jack, the important thing is that they are trying and we both know that results don’t mean much in Oregon government. Maybe the people that they were trying to get the vaccine to got lost at the wrong intersection and because of language barriers couldn’t ask for directions? Are you insensitive to health equity or something?

    1. Remember the Klingon interpreter? I am not making this up.

  2. You resultists should take your demands somewhere else. It’s not the way things are done here.


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