Bureaucracy on parade

Oregon has tens of thousands of doses of Covid vaccine sitting on shelves for weeks because the state can't seem to get them into people's arms any faster than at a snail's pace. But the bobbleheads in Salem have been busy. Oh boy, have they. Here's the latest, from yesterday.

They had nine months to screw around with this aspect of vaccine distribution. Instead they wait until the shots are delivered and ready to go. Then it's time to strut and pontificate for weeks over "unjust inequities."

Meanwhile, people are dying. How equitable is that? Come on, Kate Brown, cut the crap and let's go.


  1. Is this a "Better late than never" thing?
    Or is this late committee actually worse than no committee at all?
    perhaps we need a committee to decide?

  2. The 27 member vaccine distribution committee is finalized after the vaccine is here?! Good grief. Trump's incompetence usually came from acting on gut instinct without enough input. That's bad, but delaying necessary action until you have a wide enough sample of diverse opinions to deflect the (inevitable) blame that comes with making necessary decisions seems worse.


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