The four-week attorney general

I can't imagine being this guy.

His name is Jeffrey Rosen, and he's going to be the attorney general of the United States (or at least, the acting attorney general of the United States) starting on Wednesday, and no doubt ending on January 20.

He's taking over from the hideous Bill Barr, who isn't willing or able to ride out the last four weeks of the reign of Donnie the Dictator-Wannabe.

Rosen has no prosecutorial experience whatsoever. He's a bureaucrat from the highway department.

Despite his short tenure, I suspect we'll be hearing his name beyond the inauguration. Because he'll be in charge of the federal justice machinery at one of the most dangerous times in history. He'll go down in the books as either a hero or a bum.

Place your bets.


  1. Since Trump has no idea what he's doing, let's gamble on hero. How much can he screw up in just a few days?


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