Oregon suspends another renegade doctor

I wrote the other day about the anti-mask doctor down in Dallas, Oregon, who got his license suspended for violating the state's Covid rules. Now comes news of the suspension of another doctor's license for bad-mouthing childhood vaccines. The latest case involves a pediatrician who runs a clinic in Beaverton.

I remember all the needles our kids got when they were little. Dozens of them, it seemed, starting right after birth and continuing for years. We hesitated with some of the vaccinations, having read up a fair amount on the incidence of vaccine injury, and on thimerosal, a chemical that was used (and at one time, misused) as a vaccine preservative. Our pediatrician, who was adamantly pro-vaccines, was patient with us. But the turning point came when she said, "Have you ever been around a child with whooping cough? If you had, we would not be having this conversation."

Two decades later, and having watched the crazy anti-vaccine movement blossom in this troubled country, I'm glad we went along and had the kids get all their shots. Lord knows what might have happened if we were going to that doctor in Beaverton.

Meanwhile, it's interesting that the medical board is making an example out of physicians who buck the public health system. This Covid pandemic is definitely putting an edge on the rules.