The doctor is most definitely out

Can you imagine being a doctor, refusing to wear a mask when treating patients during the pandemic, and urging people not to wear masks?

Neither can the Oregon Medical Board. That is why this fellow down in Trumpland has had his license yanked, at least temporarily.

A "stop the steal" guy, he is. A former theology student. Pity his patients, who had a questionable doctor and now have none at all.

“I and my staff, none of us, not once, wore a mask in my clinic,” LaTulippe said at the [Nov. 7 Trump] rally. He also encouraged others to not wear a mask, saying people should “take off the mask of shame.”

Exhibit A against the wayward doc was that speech, which was posted on YouTube by the Multnomah County Republican Party. I find the whole concept of a "Multnomah County Republican Party" hilarious. That group has so few members left that they can hold a convention of their entire membership without violating the rules against mass gatherings.


  1. I must admit I was surprised to see in your earlier post that Trump got 82,959 votes in Multnomah County. They must have been those hidden Trump voters I kept hearing about. Meanwhile my candidate Tulsi Gabbard didn't even get her own category. She landed in miscellaneous. Sigh.


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