No rush

The Covid vaccine got here 48 hours ago, but still Oregon hasn't vaccinated anyone. What in God's name could be taking so long? We've been waiting for this moment for nine months. Can we please get started?

Forty-eight other states, and Puerto Rico, have given out their first doses. 

I suspect the delay here in Oregon has to do with making sure that the corporations all get paid. Which would say a lot about the great American health care "system."

Anyway, they say the first shots are going to be given out sometime today. Apparently there will be a ceremony at the State Capitol. In a show of bipartisanship, Dr. Knute Buehler, a physician and former state representative, is scheduled to administer the first injection, ventrogluteally, to State Senate leader Peter Courtney, who is a member of several at-risk groups. 

Sadly, the state has categorically rejected the following idea, which to me makes a lot of sense:


  1. I'm deferring until the number of willing guinea pigs is well over several million. I want one, because I desire to leave the country, but I'm not rushing in to something that has been rushed (particularly at the behest of the ignorant shitstain in the White House). It's just an excess of caution, y'know, considering the FDA's stellar record of pharmaceutical approvals.


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