It's just a shot away

Some of the Covid vaccine has arrived here in Portland. An email this morning from the state health authorities says:

Legacy Health is the first registered COVID-19 vaccine provider in the state to receive the vaccine, made by Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE. The health system’s Holladay Park site in Portland and Meridian Park site in Tualatin each took delivery of one package of 975 doses today at around 7 a.m.

Additional doses are expected at three other locations in Oregon on Tuesday: Oregon Health & Science University Pharmacy, Kaiser Permanente’s Airport Way Center in Portland, and St. Alphonsus Medical Center in Ontario also are each expected to receive 975-dose packages of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. The remaining 30,225 Pfizer vaccine doses from this week’s allocation of 35,100 dose for Oregon will arrive at hospitals throughout the rest of the week, with 10,725 doses going to skilled nursing facilities for vaccinations that start next week....

Most Oregon hospitals and health systems that registered as vaccine provider sites are expected to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine over the next two weeks. Follow-up shipments are anticipated on Dec. 22 and Dec. 29. In addition, a vaccine manufactured by Moderna Inc., which has not yet received FDA emergency use authorization, also are scheduled for delivery in Oregon on Dec. 22 and Dec. 29.

In all, public health officials anticipate there will be enough of the two vaccines to provide first doses to about 100,000 people, with second doses following in January.

"When will I get mine?" we all ask. The state is being a bit vague about that.

Health officials say that outlook will be borne out in the first phase of the statewide vaccination effort, with health care workers, particularly those at highest risk of direct exposure to COVID-19 in their work — hospital employees, emergency medical services personnel, as well as long-term care facility employees and residents — getting the first doses. Essential workers, followed by people with underlying health conditions and those older than 65 are next in line as they are identified by OHA’s equity-focused Vaccine Advisory Committee.

Priority groups in Phase 2 will be determined at a later time. The general population isn’t expected to be eligible for vaccination until sometime in spring 2021.

The state vaccination distribution plan rollout is happening in tandem with a federal effort that is partnering with pharmacy companies CVS, Walgreens and Consonus Healthcare to offer on-site, no-cost COVID-19 vaccines to more than 680 long-term care facilities in Oregon. The first three weeks of the operation, which starts Dec. 21, will see 22,425 vaccine doses going to skilled nursing facilities and 80,000 doses headed to assisted living facilities.

So hang in there. But it's around. 


  1. Oh, and a big thank you to Joe Biden who created this vaccine while he was holed up in the basement. He then fine-tuned it before testing it on himself. Thanks, Joe.

    Of course, Trump was like Hitler getting in the way at every turn. He designed the virus in Trump Towers and spread it through sex with Stormy Daniels. He then downplayed it knowing no American could make a decision without his personal guidance.

    Finally, he tried to build a wall around Joe's house so the vaccine couldn't get into our society where it will save millions of people in the years ahead, especially if it had mutated into something even deadlier.

    All I can say is thanks Joe but Joe does not want out thanks. All he's asking for is to have a few 7-year-old girls drop by the basement every now and then so he can stroke them, sniff them and say crazy shit to them. What a wonderful man we have as our next president. Oh, one other thing. Could China give his son over a billion dollars to play with? Crack is not cheap, you know.

  2. And you call yourself a joke writer?

    1. This thing with the little girls is as far from a joke as it could be. Did you know that compilation videos of Joe interacting with little girls were flagged by Twitter and removed as a violation of their "child sexual exploitation" policy? Of course they were also trying to get the sad sack elected but either way it's pathetic.

    2. Oh really? Please post your source.

      The rest you can search for. Including key words like Twitter Flags Joe Biden Young Girls. But are you seriously telling me you don't know about this? His nicknames is Creepy Uncle Joe for Christ sake.

  3. The big wind blows, but the prairie grass does not stir.

    1. Cary, The big wind blows? Have you tried changing your diet?


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