I spoke too soon

My little fantasy meditation on the peace and quiet of Portland a little while ago was way off base. The left-wing idiots were at it again last night. KOIN has the story here.

Nearly a dozen businesses were vandalized in downtown Portland overnight, according to the Portland police.

Around 7 p.m., a group of about 40 people marched out of Director Park and through various streets, damaging businesses along the way. Among the damage were broken windows, spray-painted buildings, paintballs being fired and more. The Portland Police Bureau said officers attempted to contact one subject but their police vehicle was then spray-painted.

I guess the Christmas calm expired yesterday afternoon.

It's amazing to me that the cops just drive away from this stuff now. Same thing on Mississippi Avenue a few weeks ago. "It's dangerous." "We don't want to spend the overtime." Ridiculous.


  1. "The Portland Police Bureau said officers attempted to contact one subject but their police vehicle was then spray-painted." Is this a joke? Or is the PPD's refusal to do what taxpayers pay them to do a negotiating ploy? What a pathetic department. What a pathetic city.

  2. Vandalism and criminal mischief are upsetting to me also as I've been a long time small business owner and know the tight margins most small businesses owners operate on and that most insurance policies have deductibles. It's also obvious that gratuitous property damage also gives fuel to the opposition and undermines support among natural allies for change. I've been working with high school seniors at Grant for the last 20 years on the Con Law team and one Unit this year has the recurring question on civil disobedience. They have been working through the various formulations on civil disobedience theory including Thoreau, Ghandi and MLK's formulation in the Letter from Birmingham Jail. Some high school seniors tend to be more radical in their thinking than some of us boomers and they convinced me to research a defense of property damage as a strategic tool when confronted with centuries of systemic oppression, brutality and death not to mention the scourge of income inequality. This article from the Nation spells out the argument so I post the link as food for thought.



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