Already too little, let's make it too late

I was against the ballot measure decriminalizing possession of smack, oxy, methadone, coke, crank, acid, and mushrooms under Oregon law, because the money part of the measure, for expanded treatment, fell obscenely short of what's needed.

The measure passed anyway, but now, get this, the governor wants to delay spending the treatment money for two years. She'd rather keep burning it all, as usual, on "schools, state police, [and] local governments." 

Smells like bureaucrat pensions, doesn't it? That always comes first.

So the decriminalization kicks in on schedule, but the treatment expansion will have to wait while the other "priorities" keep chowing down. Great.

It's dismaying when the public speaks so clearly, and the political face cards simply brush them off.

Anyway, holding these drugs is still a felony under federal law. Maybe Law-and-Order Billy Bob will weigh in, hopefully on his way out the door, slowing down the slide into darkness.