When do you start calling it terrorism?

The Portland "protests" took a couple of dark turns this week. Here's an alarming story about a possible arson fire outside a cop's home, and here's another one about a business being vandalized (windows broken, spray paint graffiti) because it does business with the city in cleaning up former homeless camps.

This after the city councilman's house was damaged by rioters because he wouldn't vote to defund police. Not to mention the senseless trashing of the historical society.

Line after line the nighttime army crosses. They play by no rules. When the authorities strike back, no matter how brutally, there won't be a lot of sympathy left.


  1. The problem with Mayor Wheeler standing down during the 100 nights of protests and riots is that it became acceptable behavior. These attacks are a little more personalized but nothing in them hasn't happened dozens of times before with zero consequences. Mayor Wheeler and the DA have basically decriminalized arson, etc..a long time ago. Should we really be that surprised when it keeps happening?

    Meanwhile, the voting public has to take some responsibility. You're the ones who looked at Ted Wheeler's body of work and reelected him. Smooth.

    1. Bill,......

      While I don't disagree with you about the Mayor's handling of the unlawful protesters, I must point out to you about the lack of competent and experienced candidates on the ballot this year. Its hardly fair to criticize the voters when all they have to choose from is Tweedledee or Tweedledum.

      Everything is cause & effect and the root issue is a lack of civic engagement anymore. Competent people don't want the incredible aggravation and the poor salaries do not attract the best people for these jobs. We get what we pay for.

    2. Oh, I understand compromise and the lesser of two evils and all the other rationalizations for voting for someone you can't stand. But you have to own it. You have to admit that's your guy out there because you voted for him. Frankly, I don't want my karma tied up in something like that - not even a little bit.

      For president I voted for Tulsi Gabbard. I hope you saw her message on Veteran's Day. To think we could have had her as president if enough people would just refuse to compromise with their vote.

      Here's a little of Tulsi's message available on Youtube. It's so different when your candidate actually inspires you. Of course Ted is very inspirational too. He inspires people and businesses to want to leave Portland.

      "The best way to honor our veterans is to stop waging unnecessary wars and work for peace.

      The best way to care for our war veterans is to stop creating more.

      The best way to honor those we’ve lost is to care for their families & those who have come home." ---Tulsi Gabbard


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