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I have gotten my hands on the letter that 16 assistant U.S. attorneys sent to the hideous attorney general, William Barr, last week, requesting that he withdraw his inflammatory and ill-advised call for investigations into virtually nonexistent election fraud. Their letter is here.

We write in response to your November 9, 2020, memorandum titled “Post-Voting Election Irregularities Inquiries” (the “Memorandum”).

We urge you to rescind it.

The Memorandum’s abrogation of the Department’s Election Non-Interference Policy is not based in fact. It was developed and announced without consulting non-partisan career professionals in the field and at the Department. Finally, the timing of the Memorandum’s release thrusts career prosecutors into partisan politics.

As I guessed originally, one of the two signers from Oregon was Austin Rice-Stitt. The other was a fellow named Gavin Bruce (pictured), who's been at the U.S. attorney's office for going on four years. Oregon was the only office with more than one lawyer signing the letter.


  1. [ In the jurisdictions where we serve as DEOs, in the 2020 election cycle, there is no evidence of “substantial allegations of voting and vote tabulation irregularities” that “could potentially impact the outcome of a federal election,” to use the language from the Memorandum.]

    Thanks for pointing that out but that's weak sauce. I see one's from western Pennsylvania but that's as close as these guys got to the areas in dispute. Anyone of these suck-ups from Detroit, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Vegas or Philadelphia?

    The contention is that a sudden appearance of Joe Biden votes occurred in some states during the night - these appear as a vertical spike on the graphs - followed by a very uniform Biden advantage for the remaining votes indicating the use of an algorithm in the Dominion voting machines. You're a numbers guy. The theory is that having the exact pattern turn up over and over is statistically impossible without a lot of fraud involved. I'm not vouching for it one way or another but at least we should look rather than base it on these suck-ups in the letter.

    Jack, do you even know who Sidney Powell is or are we doing this thing with blind faith again like when you bought into the Russian collusion hoax? Is Trump still a secret Russian agent working for Vladimir Putin or have you moved back to Planet Earth?

    Meanwhile the cognitively challenged Joe Biden made an interesting slip up. I'm not saying he meant it but it was interesting that his overtaxed brain would blurt this out: "Secondly, we're in a situation where we have put
    together, and you guys did it for our administration — President Obama's
    administration before this — we have put together I think the most
    extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of
    American politics."

    Biden will probably end up President but history could see him as an election thief. And it wouldn't just be stealing from the despised Trump. If the vote is flipped that means the Dems have stolen from the American People.

    1. Your logic is challenging, to say the least.

  2. Oh, those evil Dems. Really a genius move of them to rig only the presidential election, then throw 'em off the trail by losing seats in the House and not taking the Senate. Next level stuff. At least last time you bothered to throw in a source for debunked election fraud claims, albeit a right-wing sock puppet that runs a couple of dozen online "local news" sites around the country.

    I think most people paying attention know Michael Flynn's lawyer. She hasn't stumped up any evidence for her bombshell theory. It's torn up pretty thoroughly here:

    1. I never meant to suggest the Dems plan was genius. Frankly, they've acted like unbelievable dumb asses from the moment Trump announced. Hey, did you see the handwritten note from John Brennan to President Obama saying that the Russian collusion story was Hillary's idea? If they had just left Trump to his own devices he would have fucked up like he did in Atlantic City. But they had to get smart and come up with a plan that would make Maxwell Smart blush. Along the way they turned Trump into a folk hero. Nice work. No, let's be clear: There was no genius to any part of the Democrats' plan - just arrogance.

      By the way, Sidney Powell wrote the book on government misconduct in prosecutions. Two of them actually.

    2. I'm still waiting for credible evidence that the election was stolen from the other side of the sub-genius equation. Suspect I'll be die waiting. Kind of amusing watching all the swings and misses from the Vampire King of Manhattan and the rest of the gang, though.

    3. If you need a good laugh, check out Rudi and Sidney's press conference today alleging (in their outdoor voices, but never in court where there are penalties for lying and evidence-free claims are tossed out) a Biden-Venezuelan-Jewish-Cuban-antifa conspiracy. You can't make this stuff up. Stick around for Rudi's dramatic interpretation of a scene in 'My Cousin Vinny.' Priceless.

    4. It's hard to believe but Rudy actually had a worse hair day than President Trump. Guaranteed to be coming to an SNL skit near you.

  3. Interesting story on the Gateway Pundit website. The site might not have the sterling reputation for accuracy that a paper like the New York Times has, but it's still worth something. And yes, I was being sarcastic.

    Here's the unproven details. Remember when Trump fired the Defense Secretary? I wondered what that was about. Apparently Trump was planning to send US military forces to Germany to seize the servers that Dominion has there and he wanted someone he could trust in charge. Apparently this operation happened. That means proof for vote manipulation could be forthcoming. Fearful of plotters within our government, Trump did not bother telling the CIA and kept the operation secret. Now there's a chance the military wasn't working with Trump but were seizing the servers to protect the Deep State. That is still to be seen.

    But do you see the beautiful twist here? When Mueller was doing his extensive investigation into the ridiculous Trump collusion story he intentionally did not bother examining the servers at Dem Headquarters. He didn't interview Assange either. Why? Because he knew the story was bullshit so looking too close could only prove it.

    I like the story arc here. Perhaps Trump on the other hand really does want to find out what happened so he sent US forces to seize the Dominion servers. That's how you investigate a computer crime - you look at the servers.

    What Mueller did was like investigating the JFK assassination without going to Dallas.

    Perhaps the Russian collusion thing really was a plot against the President and not going after the servers proves it. But who knows? Maybe Mueller is just too stupid to think of it. That would make this seizure of the Dominion servers in Germany a very valuable move. Call it a teachable moment.


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