Two from Oregon

Some of the federal prosecutors who enforce election laws did a good thing the other day. They wrote a letter to Bill Barr, the hideous attorney general, telling him that his thinly veiled suggestions of fraud in the recent elections were unfounded, and subtly scolding him for politicizing their work in law enforcement. In the letter, the assistant U.S. attorneys "urged Barr to rescind his order for any prosecutor to examine allegations of voting irregularities before states move to certify the results in the coming weeks," according to CNN.

The letter, which has not been posted anywhere I can find, was reportedly signed by 16 federal prosecutors from 15 jurisdictions. The only location with two signers was... Oregon!

One of the two was probably Austin Rice-Stitt (pictured), who was identified in an October 16 press release as the lead election law enforcer for the U.S. attorney's office here. That press release made me nervous, because our U.S. attorney has been a real team player with Barr when it comes to establishing a federal occupying force in town and usurping local prosecutorial functions. I guess the Oregon office is drawing the line at phony charges of election crime. 

Or maybe they just see the handwriting on the wall. We will have a new attorney general very soon.


  1. Okay, I get the official narrative. This was the most secure election since the dawn of time. Darn, I hope we don't do this again where we play the pretend game all while thinking it makes us more noble as human beings. Are we going to blame Vladimir Putin this time for these unfounded suspicions and bring Mueller back to check them out? Probably not.

    The Dems wore that out when Hillary accused Tulsi Gabbard of being a Russian asset. Tulsi served America in Iraq and yet she came home to be called a Russian asset by a presidential candidate. Political ambition is a dangerous thing.

    Look, these prosecutors might have examined everything (somehow) and not seen any problems but on the other hand, they could just be kissing ass with the next administration. Remember when Comey did that? Until he was forced by a rebellion in the FBI ranks to call that ill-fated press conference, his decisions all seemed based on his belief that Hillary would be the next president. Immunity deals for the Dems were handed out like masks at a Covid convention.

    Wait, why bring up Hillary at all? Well, there's a little statistical problem this time around that involves her. It turns out Joe Biden only outperformed Hillary in 4 metro areas in the entire United States. The cities and states involved? Milwaukee, Wisconsin...Atlanta, Georgia.....Detroit, Michigan, and....wait for it...Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Any prosecutor looking at that would at least go, "Hmmm..." Instead of, "I see nothing unusual here. Let's not even look."

    I think these prosecutors are ass-kissing to position themselves with the incoming Biden administration. I could be wrong and this could be all about integrity but just in case, they better have plenty of Chapstick on hand. I hear these cold months can be very tough on chapped lips.

    1. While everyone is discussing how pristine the election was I thought I'd point out an interesting twist for Nancy Pelosi. As you know we were sold on the idea that this would be a Blue Wave and Biden was 12 points up nationally. James Carville postulated that Trump would just drop out before Election Day to avoid the ass-whupping he was going to get.

      And the polls backed him up. Now some of that inaccuracy was blamed on the shyness of Trump supporters but I saw an article that made more sense. The pollsters can get the right Republican/Democrat split but it's where they call in a state that counts. If you ask... let's say Republican women in the suburbs... your poll could very easily show Biden way ahead. That could have been where the big Biden numbers came from.

      Next up we have Election Day and it's actually more of a Red Wave. The Senate was supposed to be lost but it still could end up Republican. The House was a Democratic disaster. The down ballot races clearly favored the Republicans. Apparently the socialism/defund the police message went nowhere and James Carville said the Woke crowd should take a nap. Clearly Pelosi had squandered the mythical Blue Wave - you know the one that gave a huge victory to Jolting Joe - Mr. Electricity himself.

      But what if the Biden race was fixed with these mail-in ballots? What if Joe wasn't that popular after all? Nancy Pelosi's totals could have been an accurate reflection of how the election really went. But since it was rigged, Joe is suddenly the image of popularity. Nancy Pelosi is left explaining where her candidates didn't do better on...get this...."Joe Biden's coattails."

      I don't think there were any coattails. I think the reports of 450,000 ballots that just had Biden marked are a clue. I think this was rigged and though it hurts to suggest this, I think the nation owes Nancy Pelosi an apology. Isn't that a fun twist?


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