Someone shot at Hardesty's office

Here's a story in which the lead seems to be deeply buried. In the context of explaining her ill-fated Lyft ride from the Ilani Casino, Portland city commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty revealed that someone shot a gun at her City Hall office window last month.

Hardesty wrote that she’s received death threats to her home and office, “whether it’s people leaving horse manure on my doorstep or shooting bullets at my office window,” and she didn’t want to become a “target for a whole host of bad outcomes,” if she had to get out of Frost’s car.

A staff member discovered a bullet struck a window panel in Hardesty’s City Hall office on Oct. 21, according to Lokyee Au, a spokeswoman for the commissioner. The bullet strike was reported then to City Hall security, Au said.

Did I miss that story, or is this the first we're all learning about it?

Dear God, may this screwed-up country chill out, and soon.