I wonder if she cashed

Here is a riveting tale of Portland city commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty's recent visit to the Ilani casino up in Ridgefield, Washington. Specifically, the ride home.

It's not particularly important, but a fun read.


  1. Politicians aren't supposed to gamble at a casino. They're supposed to gamble with other people's money. *

    Wait, this is the commissioner who accused the police of setting fires during demonstrations and yet she called the cops for help? Wow, ironic much?

    Actually I side with her. I didn't read the whole article (boring) but it doesn't sound like she played the "Don't you know who I am?" card with the driver and that's to her credit. I say take her back to the casino and drop her off where she got in. Otherwise you're responsible for anything that happens to her at the gas station and afterwards.

    * I threw this line in because it's a good memory for me. Bill Bennett, the obnoxious conservative pundit and government official once wrote a book called "The Book of Virtues." Then it turned out he was blowing many, many dollars playing the slot machines at casinos. The NY Times reported that it was over 8 million. It didn't seem all that virtuous and the comedy writers of America let him have it. As luck would have it, a joke of mine sold and went on national TV. Later he was on one of the Sunday shows - I believe it was "Meet the Press" - and they asked him about the flak he was getting. He said he liked some of the lines including my joke about politicians gambling with other people's money. So that was one of the subset thrills from the comedy years like when I had a George W. Bush joke on the Tonight Show while George was there as a guest. Wait, this is getting pathetic. "Those Glory Days, well they'll pass you by, in the wink of a young girl's eye. Glory Days. Glory Days."

  2. I've used a rideshare from a casino a couple times. When it's a busy night it's really tough on everyone, but it's your responsibility to figure out where they are supposed to pick you up (and if your phone's GPS isn't tight, that makes your job harder). I love rideshares. You always know that you are in their car dealing directly with them. It's the gig economy and it's light years better than the old cab systems. Copping an attitude and treating your driver "like the help" is a basic misunderstanding of rideshare transactions.

  3. Her behavior is very telling and quite ridiculous.

  4. OK, using a rideshare for that distance, to go to a casino -- use your imagination on that.


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