Kooks on parade

I see that the White House quack doctor made headlines over the weekend by telling people in Michigan they should "rise up" against the governor's shutdown orders. That's interesting. You wonder how guys like Scott Atlas can have a license to practice medicine. But if Ben Carson can do it, I guess anyone can, no matter how bizarre their views and behavior may be.

Speaking of bizarre, they're at it again in Clackamas County. The incoming county chair, Tootie Smith, says she's planning a large gathering of family and friends for Thanksgiving, in defiance of our governor's orders. The goings-on in Clackistan are usually amusing, but that's hideous. I hope the guv figures out a way to slap Tootie with a really expensive ticket. Violating the orders is a Class C misdemeanor.

I will never cease to be amazed at how many ignorant people like this we have in the United States. It's literally killing us. How profoundly sad.


  1. Tootie might have trouble finding friends to invite.

  2. As long as the Governor permits nightly assemblies of street protestors (peaceful or not) in the city with the most covid cases, she will have no moral authority to police holiday celebrations at private residences in backwater towns.


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