Would they riot over a Wheeler win?

The news that downtown Portland is bracing for trouble on Tuesday night has me thinking about which election outcomes would cause rioting. Obviously, if Trump wins, Portland's far-left will come completely unglued. But I think they're also likely to act out if Wheeler wins the mayoral race. It seems like the protesters are convinced that this is their moment, and that the city is about to become a progressive utopia. They are going to be mightily disappointed if the grownups hold on to the car keys for another four years.

The outcome of the Presidential election may not be known Tuesday night, but the local races could all be called by midnight. That's early for the protesters.

I suppose there could be trouble even if Biden and Iannarone win. If any of the Poor Boy types show up downtown, the Antifa peeps won't be content to stay home and let them parade around. That could be an even more dangerous scenario from the standpoint of life and limb.

Fortunately, I don't think there'll be too much violence over the Water Bureau spending restrictions or the county income tax. But I guess the people boarding their places up are playing the odds.