They're boarding up downtown Portland

A friend of ours who lives in downtown Portland notes that her building, and most of the downtown core, is being boarded up in anticipation of election-connected violence next week. "Not like before, during the riots, when we would see some plywood here and there in the vicinity of the Federal Courthouse," she says. "Now there is plywood everywhere.  Even the street level windows of our apartment building are boarded up... all of the windows around Director’s Park, shops and restaurants... apartment buildings... Target and Nordstrom’s."

I guess it's for good reason. This afternoon, downtown had a small group of pro-police demonstrators, who faced off with some left-wing counter-protesters. There were assault weapons flashed on both sides. 

The lefties blocked the parking garage when the Poor Boys were trying to leave. A couple of the Antifa types got maced by the departing right-wingers.

Some days I don't recognize the city I live in. Or the country. Think about joining our plan to take five minutes out tomorrow afternoon at 3:00.