The videotapes

Now that I've got the audio cassette processing project back on track, it's time to get to another item that's been languishing on the long-term to-do list. And this is by far more important than dealing with old mix tapes.

It's a couple of dozen home videotapes, shot in "Hi 8" format on a Sony camcorder that by today's standards was incredibly large and clunky. We gave up on doing things that way when the iPhones arrived.

There are moments recorded on these tapes that we haven't relived in many years, but we certainly don't want them to be lost, and it might be nice to, you know, actually watch them once in a while. So it's time to convert the videos to a more modern format and get them stored where we can enjoy them and know that they're safely preserved for posterity.

What's the best way to go about getting this done? I remember reading about some mail-order services that will do the conversion for you. Has anyone out there tried that? I shudder to contemplate a do-it-yourself option, but I suppose it's possible. I am most concerned that the tapes not be lost or mishandled.

Hive mind, what do you think? If the comments section below doesn't work, email me here. Thanks in advance for the advice.


  1. You used to be able to have them ripped to DVD at Costco. Last time I needed it done I took them to Camera World.

  2. I’ve driven by this place a thousand times, but never used their services. It might be worth a call:

  3. Hey jack ive been converting my old vhs 📼 to digital with a device that takes the signal out from tape machine and converts it to digital to a file on my computer, if you’re interested I’ll get the name for you and a pic. Hope this helps also the conversion companies I’ve heard are pretty good


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