Sunday in the park with Antifa

That flyer we spotted on Friday wasn't fake. About 100 Portland protesters did in fact head down to the toney suburb of Lake Oswego at midday yesterday. They marched around, chanted their slogans, and made some noise to which the lily white town is not accustomed, especially not on a Sunday afternoon. The poster advertising the event had suggested that some sort of violence was planned, but that didn't happen. 

There were at least a few "counter-protesters" in oversized vehicles rolling around looking to get into it, however. One guy in a Q baseball cap drove his pickup around, and a couple did the same in a dark Range Rover. The latter pair had reportedly been antagonizing protesters at the immigration jail in South Portland the night before. Several people said an occupant of that SUV pointed a gun at people on Saturday night, but as best I could tell on the intertubes, that didn't recur yesterday.

The Lake O. cops were on hand to keep things relatively orderly. They stepped between the two factions at least once when things got hot.

After three hours or so, everybody from out of town left, and the Oswegans resumed sitting at their sidewalk tables with their quiches and pumpkin spice lattés. With tip, 15 bucks. At least.


  1. Damn, and we missed the excitement. We don’t ever get anything exciting happening unless Fluffy the cat or Spot the dog go missing and every neighborhood organizes search and rescue parties.

  2. Back when I was walking to dissipate grief and stress, and train for two marathons, I walked to Lake Oswego from my front NE Portland porch, twice. On at least one of those, I walked the length of the Trolley tunnel that runs under Dunthorpe to Lake O. It is so long, that you lose the light on one end, before it appears on the other. You also have to cross a long trestle to get to its North mouth. I thought it would be nice to let Portland's Homeless know, that there is a dry place to spend the Winter, walking distance from a commercial center. John F. Bradach, Sr.

    1. Nice to see the name John F. Bradach, Sr. again.

  3. The flyer said, "fuck shit up" which is a common rallying cry of the organizer. The people who follow her lead know what she means by it - it means be loud and make people uncomfortable. It did not in any way mean violence.


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