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I'm not sure if this is real, but if it is, pass the popcorn. The black-clad dissidents are reportedly heading south to Portland's toniest suburb Sunday, planning to, shall we say, mess things up. Forget pro football, we could see some full-contact sport just down Highway 43.

How will the suburban cops handle it? Will the Clackamas County sheriff's deputies get involved? Clackistan is a whole 'nother ballgame from Portlandia.

Will the Poor Boys counter-protest?

There's a mayoral election in progress down there. Will the politicians march? Will they go for ride-alongs in police cars?

Note that it's the "moms" in the lead on this one. Maybe that will keep it peaceful. I hope so, but Peaceful is +250. I'll take Vandalism at -165.


  1. I have a home in Lake O. That park is just a few blocks from the cop shop. The First Addition, where the park is located, is likely the most bohemian in all of Lake Oswego FWIW. But that doesn’t that the very few people there that might be OK with this will outnumber the vast majority of people in town that likely want nothing like this in their town.

    Believe me, Lake Oswego cops have nothing much to do and I am sure that they will not let anything happen that is disruptive or violent without a overwhelming response. They picked the wrong town to mess with believe me. Even as a resident I feel that I always have to watch myself around the cops and toe the line.

    1. I lived in First Addition for a short while in the late '70s. Nice place, a little funky – ex-baseball great Pete Ward lived around the corner. Different time.

    2. The '70s decade was also a different time for song lyrics. You referenced "Roundabout" by Yes in the title of this post. How about the next line in the song: "Mountains come out of the sky and they stand there."

    3. Bill, yes those are great lyrics. That album was the first new album that I ever owned. I got it for Christmas 1976 and it seemed so adult at the time, especially to a 13 year old kid.

      Jon Anderson was/is one of a kind. Definitely on his own plane.

  2. Let me tell you how bored Lake Oswego cops are. We have a neighbor who lives in a condo owned by his dad. He is a major screwup and he deals drugs apparently because the cops are always coming around and harassing and arresting him.

    One night I was taking my dog out at about 2:00 AM and out of nowhere I hear a rustle in the bushes and a cop comes out of the bushes and gives me a“shush”, and told me that he just wanted to let me know that he was there. I guess that they were staking out the dude. Scared the crap out of me I gotta tell you.

    Lake Oswego is not a place where things go unnoticed unlike Portland. It should be interesting if this thing actually happens.

  3. Nice to see you blogging again. I moved from Alameda to Lake Oswego about five years ago and could not be happier. When I was still in Portland I got burglarized and PPB took the report over the phone. All the little things we put up with, house getting tagged, countless car prowls, open air drug market at Max station, stolen bikes from my backyard the list goes on. Now I pay less in property taxes and the police actually show up when you call them. My kids go out and play in the street without having to worry about finding used needles like we did at Irving park. No call too small for LOPD. Keep the Antifa black bloc in Portland we don't want it here. Portland gets what it deserves.


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