Keeping it simple

Here's a four-pager that came in the mail yesterday, addressed to the youngest voter in the house "or current resident":

So nice to have a "guide"! This one came from some helpful folks called "2020 Our Oregon Voter Guide PAC."

And it was so nice of them to keep it simple. Vote "yes" on everything! Or at least on statewide measures 107 to 110, and local measures 26-211, 26-214, and 26-218.

Maybe we should send them a thank-you note. I wonder who they are. Some selfless public servants, perhaps?

Something tells me the statewide stuff is a decoy, and what they really want the yes'es on are the 26's, namely, all the new local taxes. 

Sorry, helpful PAC men and women, but that'd be three big fat no's.