Here it comes again

Photos of Mitch McConnell from the last couple of days show that he is not well.

Once again, I know I'm not supposed to wish evil on somebody, even if he is destroying my country. But I am having a hard time rising above.

I went through this with Trump in the hospital. I did not want him to recover. Now this.


  1. What in the world would cause this? It looks necrotic

  2. It's pretty gruesome. As someone who has a mother whose skin now appears to be made of tissue paper, it is the case that old-people skin just gets... bad

  3. Jack, you were along for the Russian collusion ride, weren't you? Well, how come you don't use the Dem's nickname for the senate majority leader and call him Moscow Mitch? Let's see...that would add him to the list of Russian assets in America along with Tulsi Gabbard, Rudy Giuliani, the computer repair guy, and anyone involved with Hunter Biden's laptop. McConnell calls it "modern-day McCarthyism" and it does have at least one feature in common. When you look back at those 1950s newsreels now the whole Red Scare thing seems kind of embarrassing. It's not just that Mueller turned out to be such a doddering dumb-ass and Adam Schiff turned out to be so full of it. No, I think the embarrassing part is that the Dems believed in this tired old scapegoat. And it's still their desperate go-to move. 50 of the old guard CIA and intelligence types recently came forward to claim the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian interference. That sort of faded away when it became clear the laptop was verified by some in the email chain and the events it described matched Secret Service logs. Any one of the thousands of emails had to make sense or the credibility of the laptop was lost. So far they all have. . So the next stop was that the Russians seeded the real laptop with some fake emails and then dropped it off at the repair shop. But if that were true they would have enough to hurt the Biden campaign already just with the pictures including a 14-year-old relative in poses that Giuliani described as child porn - with some pictures including Hunter Biden in them. Oh wait, what am I thinking. Of course, I never learn, do I? The 14-year-old topless relative was obviously a Russian asset too. Of course.


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