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The election porn keeps trickling in. After "Who Killed Packy?" it's hard to make much of an impression, but once again the group opposing the Metro payroll tax got my attention.

On the left, that's a giant 12-by-15-incher opposing the Metro payroll tax, and on the right a normal-sized flyer from Mary Nolan, candidate for Metro bobblehead.

Nolan's running against Chris Smith, a car-hater guy who drinks deeply from the urban planning Kool-Aid font. Nolan won't be much better – she's got that cr-apartment developer look – but she's been in politics long enough that there's a tiny chance she still possesses a smidgen of common sense.


Metro this, Metro that, I'm sick of Metro. Except for its land use function, the whole thing ought to be disbanded. It's a large pool of unsupervised public money, a needless and expensive layer of bureaucracy, and a last refuge for pet projects and weasels. Vote no on their ridiculous new tax, that much is for sure.


  1. Metro is a prime example of mission creep. When the voters created it to consolidate CRAG and the Metropolitan Service District. it's mission was to coordinate region planning and solid waste disposal.
    Oregon Zoo
    Oregon Convention Center
    Portland Expo Center
    Portland's 5 Centers for the Arts
    Garbage and recycling facilities
    Metro cemeteries
    Regional parks
    And regional planning and transportation


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