Sure enough, soup!

There wasn't much to see on the Portland protest front last night. I guess everybody was too busy watching Orange Caligula give a shout out to the "Proud Boys" in the debate. What a national disgrace. But now we'll stop talking about his taxes, I guess.

Sergio Olmos, a journalist whose work on the protests has been spectacular, this morning has provided this highly informative highlight reel about that group. If you're interested, click on this marker to see the Twitter thread.

Anyway, last night there wasn't too much to see, and certainly nothing new. About three dozen protesters showed up at the East Precinct/sheriff's office on East Burnside Street. It seemed like there were more riot cops and media types than there were demonstrators. 

With not enough people to mace and tackle, the cops went into their motor vehicle inspection mode. One car was towed on the pretext of being too close to an intersection. Another car was stopped, and the driver was cited and the car towed because it was not insured.

The cops say they found a lot of bad, bad things in the two cars. Cans of soup, those evil shields, gas masks, paintball guns, and the like.

Two or three people were arrested for getting too close to the building. The official police version is here.

As often happens on a slow day on the street, there was quite a bit of indoor action, of a political nature, in connection with the protests. Those stories reveal that law enforcement in Portland is a chaotic mess right now, which makes it both ineffective and unusually dangerous. Those developments are worth a separate post.


  1. While I can't condone groups of people in the streets chucking cans or canisters at each other with intent to harm, I have to admire the custom bacon soup labels.

  2. I suppose this is where I have to give my North Korean-style loyalty oath and assure you that I'm not voting for Trump. By the way, I'd love to see you telling an African American man who plans to vote for Trump that this makes him a "full-blown white supremacist." Good luck with that. Look, as Joe Biden would say over and over, "Here's the deal": Trump is in a race of one - the Donald Trump race. Nobody else matters at all except to be used by Donald Trump to advance himself.
    But who really gives a _____ about all that? I vote for people I want to have as president - not the lesser of two doddering old weasels. My candidate is Tulsi Gabbard. But enough on that.
    Instead this morning I'd like to send my condolences to the left wing Antfia types in Portland who worked so hard to bring us 100 days of riots. Looking back to May I can count the right wing incidents on the fingers of one hand, and that includes last Saturday's mega-flop at Delta Park. There was the caravan from Clackamas, there was the guy kicked in the head - although he seemed like a Good Samartian more than a political type and there was the one incredible fistfight in broad daylight that looked like a saloon brawl in a Western movie. I might have missed a couple and I'm sure there were pockets of right wingers roaming around, but the other 95 out of 100 were left wing. So here the Portland left wingers were about to get their shout-out on national TV and Chris Wallace turned it into a question about right wingers causing violence instead. In one of Trump's few genuine moves he seemed surprised saying he thought most of it had been left wing, as did anyone who lived here. Come on now. We live here. We know what happened. So to the left-wingers who put in all the hard work only to see the credit snatched away by a slanted question and given to the right wing, I'm sorry. I feel bad for you but that's politics.


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