Okay, so now we have two dead guys

The man who killed the right-wing protester in downtown Portland on Saturday night has himself been shot dead, by federal officers in Lacey, Washington, near Seattle. The story is here.

God help our country.

UPDATE, the next day: Although the fugitive task force was led by federal officers, at least some of the shots reportedly were fired by police from city, county, and state agencies.


  1. Fortunately our bright-eyed Mayor Wheeler has just the response: "Recently a peaceful protester in downtown Portland shot and killed a Trump supporter at 3rd and Alder. While the investigation continues, it appears certain that it was President Trump's fault. Yesterday overzealous federal officers tracked the suspect down and killed him. As Mayor of Portland I'm declaring 10 days of mourning for the entire incident. If you are participating in a peaceful protest during this time and it involves destroying an American flag, I ask you to lower the flag to half staff before lighting it on fire. Thank you."


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