Second verse, same as the first

The scene at last night's edition of Portlandia Protestia was almost an exact rerun of last Saturday night's rumble in Laurelhurst. See my post on that one for the basics. 

Some differences:

  • Last night's episode dragged on for about three hours before the cops started in with the "bull rushing."
  • The police DJ From Hell took the night off and was replaced by a female Replacement DJ From Hell.
  • The demonstrators, juvenile and provocative as ever, threw eggs, among other things, at the cops standing guard outside what everyone calls Southeast Precinct (47th and East Burnside). The cops said the eggs were hard-boiled and frozen. The demonstrators also spiked a police car's tires, a tactic that I think they just started on Thursday night this week.
  • The cops were doing this thing where, when they arrest you, you get a shot of pepper spray to your face, either just as you're getting tackled or when you're already on the ground with multiple cops holding you down. In one case, clearly shown on a Twitter feed, a guy who was on the ground, completely subdued and being cuffed, got a gratuitous face-ful of mace from a particularly nasty officer. Then it looked like the cop who had him pinned down struck him in the face for good measure. Sometimes it seems as though the Portland police motto for the patrol car doors should be "Eager to Hurt You." Maybe they could do it in eight languages. Or just Latin.
  • One of the people arrested was rumored to be a reporter from the British tabloid the Daily Mail.

The neighbors were out again. This time, most of them seemed supportive of the crowd, rather than the charging police. Some of the pushes through the dark residential streets may have been in the North Tabor neighborhood, rather than Laurelhurst, as the police precinct under siege is near the borderline between the two.

As the night was winding down, some of the protesters went back to Laurelhurst Park, where they had started the evening. There, they said, they were attacked by two men who threw improvised explosives at them. 

I'm not sure what to make of that. One of the Tweeters chased down a man who the Tweeter said was involved in the alleged attack. When confronted, the guy said he didn't know what the Tweeter was talking about.

As always, there was no sign that the nightly spectacle is going to end any time soon, unless the police change their strategy. I don't have the answer, but obviously they don't, either.


  1. Hmm, a post headline with a Herman's Hermits reference? Something tells me I'm into something good.


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