Portlanders, don't forget to vote

At our house, we're big procrastinators when it comes to voting. We receive our Oregon mail-in ballots early, but we let them sit there until the last minute.

One benefit of this practice is that we get to see all the junk mail that the candidates send out to promote themselves. If you turn in your completed ballot too early, at least some of the campaigns see that on the county elections records, and they take you off their mailing list.

The flyers you get in Portland elections are so precious that they're sometimes comical. And that is why here at Blog Central I share them with you in the feature I call Election Porn.

This time around, we have a special election for the City Council seat left open when Nick Fish died. I've already shown you Loretta Smith's flyer, and explained why I'm voting for her opponent, Dan Ryan. The other day, Ryan's flyer showed up.

There's a lot not to like there, but for me, Ryan's still a better choice than Smith. The only drawback is that he looks like Mayor F. Ted Wheeler's cousin. Diversity of appearances, Ryan doesn't have to offer.

But all the tomfoolery with Election Porn reminds me, we've got to get our ballots in! The deadline is Tuesday. In Oregon, that means the ballot has to be delivered by Tuesday. And given that we've waited so long, and especially given the hanky-panky that's going on with the Postal Service these days, we'll have to hand-deliver our ballots. Fortunately, there are many drop-off stations. The list is here.

And here's a twist: The closest one to our house just moved to a new location. Glad I noticed. Oh, Election Porn, you saved the day!


  1. "Portland agrees, outsider Dan Ryan is who we need to move Portland forward."
    Okay, I think I see the subliminal message in that. It's the phrase "We need to move."


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