Feds are back at Portland protests

As was expected, the Portland Protesters took their party to the immigration jail in South Waterfront last night. It was the usual spectacle, notable only for the reappearance of the federal troops who had participated in the dramatic scenes at the federal courthouse several weeks ago.

The marchers spray-painted the building, broke a window or two, shined their green lasers at the police, and threw stuff at them. The police (city and federal) "bull rushed" the crowd several times, heaving tear gas canisters and roughing people up. As far as I can see on the intertubes, only two people were arrested, and the charges are the kind that probably won't be pursued. The Tweeter Laura Jadeed had the best images of the night.

The demonstrators built a bonfire using a mattress and some garbage. Then they commandeered a picnic table from a nearby business – someone said it was Little Big Burger – and burned that, too. 

Music was provided.

The police version of events is here.

Some of the occupants of the nearby apartment bunkers came down to the street to see what was going on. They have not been following the nightly antics, apparently. They're probably wondering if this is what the leasing salespeople meant by a "vibrant neighborhood."

Anyway, it all seemed pretty pointless, as has become the norm at these things. George Floyd can hardly be seen in the rear-view mirror. The 20-somethings are clearly enjoying it, though. And it makes great television for Orange Caligula. And so on it goes.


  1. You're 20-35 years old, unemployed and probably no prospects, maybe even facing eviction. What we are actually witnessing here in front of our eyes is the complete and total collapse of our society

  2. Did you see the kicking victim talking on local TV yesterday? He has a couple of nasty shiners but still managed to make more sense than the Democratic Party brain trust. And he damn sure seemed more coherent than the Democratic candidate. On issue after issue the Dems have focused like a laser and then thrown their support behind the unpopular side. It's like they're trying to lose and they just might succeed. I admit I was an early supporter of Tulsi Gabbard and wrote her urging her to run. Could you imagine hearing her speech tonight about the need for America to stop these regime-change military interventions around the world? It would have been beautiful. She served in Iraq when that was a real bloodbath yet when she comes home and runs for President, Hillary calls her a Russian asset. Jesus Christ, how fucking stupid do the Dems have to be here? Meanwhile Trump was just on TV from Scranton - birthplace of Joe Biden - and he just listed all the things that are turning off large segments of the voting public. Things like ignoring the riots. Obama called them "peaceful protesters" just last night. Trump called out the ridiculous Mayor of Seattle for the "Summer of Love" bullshit. Then - and I knew this was coming - he specifically mentioned our kicking victim in downtown Portland the other night. If Trump wins, he should invite Wheeler, our D.A. and the rest of what I laughingly refer to as Portland's leaders, to the Inauguration. These last 80 days Mayor Wheeler has been a de facto chair of the Committee to Re-Elect Donald Trump and it's a damn shame.


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