Say cheese

The Portland Rose Festival sure is different this year, isn't it? 

Even the air show has seen some changes. Yesterday we relayed a scary story about an Air Force surveillance plane creepily flying circles around Portland this week. Just after that, another, different spy plane showed up at the Portland Airport. The folks at KOIN wrote it up here.

It's something called a P3-AEW, and it looks like this:

The one that's in Portland now belongs to the border patrol sweethearts with the tear gas fetish who are "protecting the courthouse." 

Since then, some more spooky federal government spy plane antics have come to my attention. Apparently the Marshals Service, before they shot a young man's face off for the crime of playing music to them, had some fishy aeronautical activity going on over Portland something like six weeks ago. Willamette Weed wrote about it here.

You have to wonder how much other creepy surveillance stuff is going on with this.

After a while, there's no more shock left in you regarding the Trump people. There's no sense in even complaining to each other about it. The crowds raising hell to them in the streets every night are out there for good reason. God bless 'em.